Psychometry 2013/ In ENGLISH

Even if You don't like Kim Bum, you will like this movie!
Movie : THE GIFTED HANDS                     (English title)/                      PSYCHOMETRY (literal title).

Hangul : 사이코메트리

Director : Kwon Ho Young
Producer : Kim Bong Seo, Suk Dong Joon, Park Jae Yong.
Cinematographer : Kwon Hyuk Joon, Yoo Young Joon.
Release date : March 7, 2013
Runtime: 108 min. 
Genres: Mistery, Thriller, Supernatural.
Distributer : CJ Entertainment
Language : Korean
Country : South Korea.


dreamhigh-happyday.blogspot.comOne day,  a woman comes to the police station and reports her daughter's missing. Yang Choon Dong is a young dedective in this police station who rarely gets results. When other dedectives don't take her case seriously, dedective Choon Dong believes , it could be a real kidnapping case. He asks working on this case alone and his boss lets him taking this case.
      Late one evening,  dedective Choon Dong saw a young boy who had just finished spray painting graffiti on the wall. The young boy was Kim Joon (Kim Bum ) with a hooded sweartshirt covering his face. Choon Dong reproved him because of this painting and cold it vandalism. 
Then the young boy sprayed Choon Dong in the eyes and disappeared. ( I have to admit that Kim Bum is very cool & handsome here ^_^ )

     Days later, the police find the missing girl dead in a vacant lot. It mean's that dedective Choon Dong couldn't solve the case.


   While watching news about that event, dedective Choon Dong has been suprised, because of the distant view of that vacant lot. It was just the same view which the young boy (Kim Joon-Kim Bum) has painted on the wall that night. For being sure , dedective Choon Dong goes to that street and look at the picture. He understands that the picture is about that crime. But the main point is that the young boy painted this about a month ago.

  Now, there is one suspicious. But unfortunately, he hadn't seen boy's face. 
    After all difficulties, dedective Choon Dong finds him. However, the truth is not something that he expects. When Kim Joon- the youn guy tells him about his ability, dedective Choon Dong doesn't believe him. 

  But then, Kim Joon says Choon Dong's secret about his childhood, related with Choon Dong's (his) brother. Now, dedective Choon Dong believes him.

     Kim Joon's ability is called Psychometry. This ability allows him to read anyone's past by simply touching them. Even he can read one's past by touching objects which is used by that person.  Dedective Choon Dong thinks, they can find and arrest the real criminal ( actually he is maniac). However, other dedectives/cops don't trust him.
   Dedective Choon Dong obtain some information about Kim Joon's lifestyle and past. For example, he find out that Kim Joon doesn't have any friend. ( while watching the movie, you will learn more ;))
    The police arrest Kim Joon on suspicion of murder of  missing girl. Choon Dong is only person who believes him. 
 Choon Dong goes to the street/place which is situated near to the vacant lot where the little girl's body has been found. He alerts people who lives there. He also meet one nice little kid (girl) and alerts the child too, about one bad person. 

  After some days, It is informed that one girl is missing from the same street. Dedective Choon Dong find out that she is the child who has talked with him. While watching movie, I hate girl's father :/ if you wacth, you will get what I mean :)

    He understands that only Kim Joon can help him. When cops take Kim Joon to the prison, he helps Kim Joon to escape. Then, Choon Dong asks Kim Joon to help him. Then....

  That's all. To telling the true,  I don't want to write all the story. Because it wouldn't be interesting to watch the movie ;)
   You will know while watching the movie :
1. Could Dedective Choon Dong & Kim Joon find real criminal ? 
2. Is the missing girl alive ?
3. How will be the fate of the criminal/maniac ?
4. Finally, what will expect Kim Joon (Kim Bum) at the end ?
   This is one trailer of the movie. 

This is ending soundtrack of the movie 

I want you to wacth this video. The song is not the soundtrack of the movie. But it would be great soundtrack for this movie. ^_^

I like the movie very much and I advice you to wacth this movie..

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  1. this movie definitely takes his place on my 'must-be-watched' list. After watching i'll share my comment with you. so excited already! :D

    1. I'm excited too. ^_^ Waiting for your comment. ;) Thanks for the comment Gözde :)